Speech-Language Pathology

Speech Language Pathology

At School Steps, our Speech Language Pathologists provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to foster the speech, language and overall communication development http://datingrater.net/ of our students. We specialize in evaluating the communication needs of the individual child and collaborating with a school based team to design the most effective intervention plan for a specific school site. Our core belief is that communication skills are the jobitel foundation for the acquisition of academic skills and the social relationships necessary to maximize success at school. Our interventions and service models include direct service, consultation xjobs and evaluation, as well as school staff and parent education. We serve public schools, county educational programs, charter schools, homeschool programs and private schools. Our students range in age from 3 to 21 years and include mild to profound deficits in the following areas:

  • Articulation/Phonology – the production of individual sounds in words
  • Fluency – the steady flow or smoothness of speech production
  • Receptive Language – the ability to understand language
  • Expressive Language – the ability to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Pragmatic Language – social language use in context
  • Voice – volume and quality of vocal output

Our dynamic team of Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Pathology Assistants are supported by continuous in-house mentoring and professional http://datingstatus.com development opportunities. These include regularly scheduled TheraChat™ meetings and multi-disciplinary team collaboration. All of our therapists maintain continuing education requirements and we value the pursuit of additional training as well as the application of current research to ensure that we, as a team, stay on the cutting edge of advancements in our field.

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