Mental Health Services

Mental Health

School Steps a Invo Company is excited to deliver the IMPACT program to our partners in California. This collaborative data driven approach is designed to support your district’s  most at-risk youth.

Every district around the country is faced with the growing need to arm their teachers and administrators with the appropriate resources to support high-needs, at-risk youth. Beyond significantly higher drop-out rates, these youth experience much higher rate of violence, chronic health conditions, drug and alcohol abuse and early death.

Through our revolutionary IMPACT model, we are partnering with school districts to implement an integrated support service delivery program for high-needs students and the staff who support them.  IMPACT assembles dynamic professional teams to assess and treat significant behavioral issues stemming from a high number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which too often are overlooked.

Our school district partners have experienced data outcomes including: 

This unique wrap-around program addresses both individual and classroom behavior that is disruptive or volatile. Our teams focus on addressing underlying emotional, physiological, and behavioral needs while teaching functional alternative behaviors with pro-social and pro-academic focus. These services equip both students and educators with the skills to assess, alter, and maintain healthy living and learning styles at school, at home, and in the community. 

Each school district receives the following:

  • Student-focused, wrap-around support for at-risk youth
  • Mental Health Counselors have dual certification as RBTs for improved outcomes, efficiency and cost savings
  • Flexibility in program design, to meets school’s specific needs
  • Outcomes validated by Clemson University’s Center for Behavior Analysis, a Research 1 University

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