Going the Extra mile

At School Steps, we make a point to cultivate an environment of collaboration, communication and continued development for our team. TheraChats are our way of investing in our team’s progress and opening channels of communication between our therapists and the management team.

TheraChats are innovative, in-house continuing education programs developed for everyone on the School Steps team. These subject-specific trainings can be attended in person or via teleconference on this web page. TheraChats are typically followed by lively conversation and are designed to help our therapists learn and discuss best practices, intervention techniques and CDE policies.

Can’t make it to a TheraChat? No problem! On this page you watch live or archived TheraChats from the comfort of your own home.

Come grow with us!

Tune in now for a live look at the current TheraChat. If a TheraChat is not currently in session, the most recent one will be in the window above and archived trainings are available in gallery below.

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